Frequently Asked Questions

Do I supply the van?

Nope! We’ve got you covered. We purchase Mercedes Sprinter vans directly from local dealerships and build them using one of three conversion layouts.

How long does a conversion take to complete?

Conversions typically take 4-6 months to compete.

What if I already own a van?

Congratulations! You’re halfway there. Currently, we do not offer conversions on customer-owned vans, but we plan to in the future. We are planning to offer at least 3 different layout designs for our customers to choose from.  Feel free to send us a message to check in.

Does Kinetik offer custom builds?

Currently, we do not take on custom van conversion orders.

How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to get a hold of us is to send us a message! Or, email us at Kinetikvan@gmail.com.

How much does a Kinetik Van cost?

The cost of the van is included in the total purchase price. 170″ WB Sprinters cost $155k-$210k depending on van specs and conversion details.

Do you provide a Warranty?

We’ve got your back. Each Kinetik Van comes with a 12 month limited warranty on the conversion and parts installed by Kinetik Designs. Appliances and devices will be warrantied through third-party manufacturers, with labor provided by Kinetik within above warranty period.

How do I buy a Kinetik Van?

We encourage you to check out Our Vans” to view vans currently available for sale. To inquire further, send us a message and we’ll respond shortly.

When will the next van be available?

The next 2022 Sprinter 4×4 Diesel conversion (Cascade Van) will be available summer 2023.

How many vans does Kinetik convert per year?

We spend our time crafting 2 beautiful vans per year, with the potential for more as we grow our team and space.

Want to chat?

Send us a message!

We’re looking forward to meeting you.